Welcome to Black and Blue Review!  My brother-in-law (Travis) and I (Scott) have been football fans for 30+ years each, and we’ve been running fantasy leagues for the last 15 years.  We both generally prefer professional sports to the college version.  Neither of us is a journalist or a member of the sports information or fantasy sports industries; we’re just a couple regular fans who are probably a little too invested in our teams and fantasy leagues.

T11150795_942604982426509_416547233323258566_nravis grew up in Central Illinois as a Chicago sports fan: Bears, Cubs, and Bulls.  Travis is commissioner of a 14-team league we both play in, and he participates in multiple fantasy football, basketball, and baseball leagues each year.  He teaches math at a local college and is married to my sister.

11081226_10205920337306052_572450967652778992_nI (Scott) grew up in Metro Detroit as a Lions, Pistons, and Red Wings fan.  I started my first fantasy football league with some friends in college in 2001, and I remain commissioner of that league to this day.  I’m married with two kids and I serve as a youth pastor in a Christian church.

Both of us are fed up with Facebook feeds filled with politics and sports talk shows that talk about anything but sports, so we decided to do something about it.  This blog is an outlet for us to share our views about our teams (and the rest of the NFL) and our opinions about fantasy sports.  We’ll write about the NFL draft, break down the skill positions for fantasy drafts, offer insight into common issues faced by those who run fantasy leagues, and comment on the games throughout the season.  Some posts will be about the Bears, and some about the Lions.  Many posts will be about the NFC North, most posts will address fantasy leagues, and all posts will be about sports.

So why “black and blue review”?  Well, the NFC North has evolved from the old NFC Central “Black and Blue” division.  Bears blue is so dark that many mistake it for black, and blue has always been the signature color for the Lions.  Yes, the Vikings and Packers play in the division as well, but when I think black and blue, I think Bears and Lions… and when it comes to football, that’s what we know best.